Our brokerage team facilitates acquisition and disposition of property, negotiates contracts, and handles other regulated broker services for our clients as needed; this allows us to eliminate a whole level of external fees and middlemen and create a seamless customer experience for our clients.

Part of our commitment to being a full service commercial real estate firm means we have to have the capabilities to handle any urgent client need. With a fully functioning brokerage division within the company, we can control the quality, timelines, costs and results of an important aspect of the business that our customers eventually all need and would otherwise be forced to address elsewhere.

Once under the Adelphia Properties umbrella, we want our clients to stay confident that we can do the job, any job, without having to resort to outside entities. Brokerage is no exception - just another reason to run with us.

Adelphia Properties is an outstanding provider of brokerage services, continually negotiating some of the most complex sales and lease transactions. We are recognized for providing owners, developers and tenants with timely results that make the most of their investment and/or business strategies.

Our dedicated brokerage professionals are experienced, responsive and backed by our comprehensive resource base and detailed market intelligence. Every one of our professionals is able to draw from a fully integrated platform of services designed to facilitate sales, leasing, built-to-suits, and speculative development.

Our results are evident through the consistent achievement of optimum sales prices, skillfully negotiated lease contracts, and preferred site selection.

In each area, we have experienced specialists who can assist you with your real estate requirements locally, nationally and internationally. Every client assignment is initiated with a detailed road map and project timeline, outlining key milestones and success factors.

This approach distinguishes Adelphia Properties from our competitors and reinforces our position in the real estate industry. It is a strategy that helps our clients make the most informed decisions possible.

Tenant Representation

As your tenant representative, we organize your needs, present these needs to the market, and make a thorough evaluation toward negotiating the most favorable terms for your company.

Our integrated resources have helped tenants meet their objectives. We analyze each tenant's business objectives and match them with the optimal real estate solution. Services for expansions, relocations, consolidations, subleases, acquisitions, and dispositions include strategic planning, demographics, site consultation, comparative financial analysis, lease negotiation, construction, and post-occupancy advice.

After we've had a chance to evaluate each of our client's needs, we'll generally prepare an assortment of tools for them to properly analyze each potential market and location. These tools might include:

Market Overview: A summary of the local, regional, or national markets including detailed site maps, demographics, inventory, gap analysis, trends, competition, and more.

Site Analysis: A full package is completed on each particular site including detailed aerials with drive times, competition maps, trade areas, traffic counts, and custom demographic studies.

Financial Analysis: Since there is far more to site selection than the address and asking rent, our team will prepare a full financial analysis on each location showing you the true cost to be a tenant in each property. This analysis covers specific costs associated with a site including build out, operating costs, parking, utility and zoning issues, signage, and more.

We don't stop working for our clients when the best location is discovered. Providing referrals for attorneys, architects, engineers, and other service professionals combined with an extensive knowledge of and experience with lease negotiations sets us apart from the competition. We like to think of ourselves as partners in your business and take pride in selecting locations that give our clients the best chance at success in whatever market they're in.

The primary advantages of using our service is we will save you time so that you can stay focused on your business and service your customers.

Landlord Representation

Our team is dedicated to fill spaces within your time frame with tenants that strengthen your property's value. Adelphia Properties' services include not only relationships but also arming ourselves with comprehensive market intelligence including diligently analyzing competitive rental rates. Our research combined with broker knowledge allows us to attract dominant and regional tenants for our clients.

Adelphia Properties specializes in a custom approach to marketing and leasing our client's properties. A flash website can also be created for your property allowing for easy access to vital information and one more avenue for potential tenants to discover the advantages of your property. Additionally, your property will benefit from target marketing to ideal tenants at many regional, national, and international real estate conferences annually that Adelphia Properties participates in.

Rate, term, and tenant credit are some of the important factors in lease negotiations and tenant selection, but so are the intangible factors each tenant brings to your property. Tenant mix is vital to the occupancy and cash flow of a property. We understand how to market your vacancies or upcoming projects in order to maximize the cash flow of the property while ensuring tenants are able to thrive through strategic co-tenancy.


Adelphia Properties is a market leading investment brokerage firm. Investors can access a single resource to leverage equity and debt markets, facilitate 1031 exchanges, sale/leasebacks, and structure finance transactions. Our market research provides our investment professionals with better information for establishing building and portfolio values and in marketing properties for sale.

Focused on delivering high-quality results, our investment brokers will take time to listen and assist in offering objective, useful advice. We'll ask the hard questions, challenge the conventional wisdom and help you get the job done. With market-leading professionals specializing in office, industrial, retail, and multi-family, as well as numerous niche specialty practices, Adelphia Properties can offer a full suite of investment services.


  • Acquisition and Disposition
  • Property Valuation
  • Customized Marketing Packages
  • Buyer Profiles and Purchasing Criteria
  • Research Macro and Micro Economic Trends
  • Comprehensive Financial Analysis
  • Hold vs. Sell Analysis
  • 1031 Exchange Services
  • Needs Analysis
  • Portfolio Planning
  • Investment Analysis
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Financing


We know from experience that leasing can make the difference between success and failure for our clients' investments. Filling vacancies and ultimately generating increased revenue is clearly a major priority as part of our clients' bottom line. Our record of accomplishment proves our expertise in turning around troubled properties and making the successful ones thrive.

However, we also understand that much of what happens along the way to achieving successful results in our leasing division is the art of negotiating new leases, gaining and retaining more desirable tenants, networking with brokers and agents, careful tenant screening, vacant space analysis, cold calling, and canvassing for new prospective tenants.

We are experienced and creative when it comes to filling a space and will collaboratively work with our clients to determine how much, how long, and what kind of tenant, along with all the other details that go into renting space and determining the best fit for our client's business. We work with diverse customer groups to build a solid, long-term foundation for future revenue streams at each of our clients' properties.

Therefore, we are proud to offer a team of leasing professionals whose core skills are at the top of the industry. Their talent, teamwork, and devotion to success routinely results in solutions that bring great results to fruition for our clients. Additionally, our services do not end once a lease signing execution occurs, we are continually available to assist with any consulting needs through and beyond lease term.

Property Management

Our property management team has over 20 years of commercial property management experience throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. What that means for you as our client is local decision making, leadership, market focus and relationships that are centered on and in Chicago. We specialize in retail shopping centers, single retail properties, office buildings, industrial, and apartment buildings. We manage over 500,000 square feet in the Midwest. Our mission is to maximize our client's investment potential while allowing them to focus on their core business.

Our property management division's core competencies include: lease enforcement and general tenant relations, retention efforts, insurance and marketing; all manner of financial affairs, such as daily, weekly and monthly deposits, collections, financial statements, maintaining trust and reserve accounts, CAM reconciliations, other accounting efforts, and composing annual financial statements and budgets for tenants and owners.

In addition, property management believes strongly in adhering to the highest levels of ethical standards when dealing with all parties. We believe professional property management means always operating with integrity and with our clients' best interests at heart.

Also, we promptly communicate our efforts on behalf of our clients, keeping them informed of relevant developments with their properties and answering questions in a thoughtful, timely way. It's all part of letting our clients know how we're working to maximize their return-on-investment.

Increased investment value. Higher occupancy levels. Lower operating costs. At Adelphia Properties, our in-depth resource base enables us to maximize cash flow and generate new sources of revenue. Our managers think like owners and use our entrepreneurial expertise to find effective solutions to all property-related issues.

Our management philosophy is to form a business partnership with each client to maximize asset value. Working closely with building owners, we create plans that achieve cost efficiencies and improve tenant retention through strategic purchasing and an unmatched level of service.

Our use of leading-edge software and web-enabled technology allows us to work with maximum speed and precision, and frees more time for our professionals to provide the personal connections and insights that result in tenant satisfaction and retention.

We have recognized that the cornerstone of managing property is the ability to provide information that is responsive to the needs of each owner and lender. Our monthly financial and operating reports are tailored to our client's needs.


  • Property/Asset Management
  • Dedicated Project Leasing
  • Financial Analysis/Forecasting
  • Lease Administration & Lease Renewals
  • Tenant Imprevement Oversight
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Property Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Contract Management and Lease Administration

Other Features & Benefits

  • Single-Point Access to services
  • Time Spent on Management Issues Reduced by 25%
  • Improved Tenant Retention
  • Increased Revenues and Decreased Capital Costs of Turnover
  • Multiple State-of-the-Art Accounting Systems Capability
  • Local Market Commitment and Depth of Services
  • Local, Regional and National Client Relationships
  • Reduced Client Internal Accounting Costs and Improved Accuracy

Development Services

We will manage the ever changing, complex development or build to suit process from concept, architecture and design, governmental approvals, financing, construction up to the final occupancy of your building. Our approach provides the depth and experience necessary from start to finish adding value and quality for the success of each building or project.

As a single point of contact, Adelphia Properties provides an all-inclusive, seamless process for the client with coordination and oversight including the following highlighted beneficial items:

  • Strategic Planning and Definition of Project Objectives
  • Market Feasibility
  • Strategic Site Selection and Analysis
  • Land Acquisition
  • Due Diligence Coordination
  • Legal Requirements
  • Governmental approvals
  • Architect and Design (Site/Development Plan & Building(s))
  • Financing
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Construction
  • Marketing and Leasing or Sales of Additional Building(s)
  • Occupancy
  • Final Client/Customer Satisfaction

Adelphia properties believes that involvement in the beginning stages of the development process allows us the ability to influence the primary items for cost savings from the very beginning allowing overall savings throughout the development process.


Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment. Our advanced databases and state-of-the-art technology help us to complete reliable valuations with prompt turnaround.

We're able to provide a variety of consultation, valuation, research and support services to a wide range of industries. We currently provide services to corporations, financial institutions, public sector entities, developers and investors. Our knowledge, dedication, experience and resources allow us to be a superior service provider.

  • Asset/Portfolio Valuation.
  • Market and Feasibility Studies.
  • Highest and Best Use/Re-Use Studies.
  • Current Value Accounting.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Acquisition/Disposition Strategies.
  • Investment Analysis.
  • Capital Market Support Services.
  • Lease and Cost Analyses.
  • Insurance Valuation.
  • Arbitration and Consultation.
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis.


We provide a broad range of consulting services, including development, valuation, and professional services. We specialize in creating customized, fully-integrated programs to meet short and long-term real estate objectives. It is a valuable resource for clients who may not have in-house real estate expertise, or for those who do but want the additional benefits of objective and highly reliable third-party expertise.

Our team approach ensures the seamless delivery of services to maximize value while planning for future growth and expansion.

  • Corporate Real Estate Consulting
  • Lease Administration/Audits.
  • Construction and Permanent/Equity Financing.
  • Real Estate/Asset Management.
  • Site selection and Asset Evaluation.
  • Disposition and Acquisition Consulting.
  • Feasibility Studies and Analysis.
  • Portfolio Optimization/Strategic Planning.
  • Development Consultancy.
  • Emerging Market Strategies.
  • Location Analysis.
  • Real Estate Organizational and Business Process Planning.
  • Economic Development and Redevelopment.
  • Economic and Fiscal Impact Analyses.
  • Structured Finance, Financial Strategies and Risk Management.
  • Single Transaction Support.

Investment Analysis

Corporate Services

Commercial Real Estate, whether owned or leased, regardless of how large or small, is a key contributor to profitability, efficiency, and image of your business. We would like the opportunity to assist your company in the process of evaluating your options. The key components of this process and vital considerations are:

  • Timing - Allocating adequate lead time prior to your lease expiration to determine the appropriate time to make a move.
  • Purchase, Lease or Renegotiation of existing Lease - To evaluate your overall options as to which may be the most economical with financial analysis to compare all options.

1031 Exchanges